Heni Chemical Industries : HENI ventured in the business of manufacturing more than 45 years back with its first company Heni Chemical Industries. The Chemical Industry then a budding area, the company began production with a number of pharmaceutical APIs targeted at conditions such as malaria, tuberculosis and constipation. Over the years, the company established itself as

a reliable, quality conscious manufacturer of its products, especially Phenolphthalein of the laxative grade in the world markets. Exports were well established with clients in the USA, South America and Africa recognizing HENI as a brand name for the product. More products were added to the portfolio in time. Products offered include APIs i.e., laxatives, excepients, blood stains and pH indicators and specialty dyes.

Heni Drugs Pvt Ltd.
Heni Drugs Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1995 to manufacture some speciality fine chemicals such as salts of mercury and bismuth with applications in pharmaceuticals as APIs and other industries including paints, ceramics, batteries, cosmetics. Most of its production is offered for exports to worldwide markets including USA, Europe, East Asia and South America.

Products offered include Mercury salts for industrial , pharmaceutical and laboratory reagents uses,Bismuth salts for Industrial, pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses, iodine salts,

Heni Exports.
Heni Exports began business in 1997 as an exclusively export focused merchant exporter. Our product portfolio consists of range of products including fine chemicals, APIs for veterinary and human use, formulations for veterinary and human use. Additionally, with our strong techno commercial expertise we also offer in our spectrum of services , quality audits of manufacturers on request. We perform GMP audits on behalf of our customers.

Heni Exports is registered with the Indian FDA for exports of pharmaceutical APIs and formulations and with Pharmexcil an export promotion body. Products offered include Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Human formulations and Veterinary formulations.